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FAQ Central

Version 1.9, released June 3rd, 2005

This page contains links to all the Documentation and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) files about the Distributed Proofreaders website.

Proofreading and Formatting

Beginning Proofreader's FAQ
Introduction to the site, general overview, beginner's questions.

Transition to Four Rounds
An overview of the site's recent change from two to four rounds, including the distinction between proofreading and formatting.

Proofreading & Formatting Quizzes & Tutorials
Try the proofreading and formatting quizzes and tutorials. They are a great walk through the basic Guidelines for beginners and an excellent refresher for old hands.

Proofreading and Formatting Summaries
Printable (.pdf) two-page summaries of the most commonly needed proofreading and formatting standards from the Proofreading and Formatting Guidelines, done as big examples!

Proofreading Guidelines
Also available in French and Portuguese.
The details of the guidelines we use for proofreading documents.

Formatting Guidelines
Also available in French and Portuguese.
The full details of the guidelines we use for proofreading and formatting documents.

Standard Proofreading Interface Help
Help for the Standard Proofreading Interface.

Enhanced Proofreading Interface Help
Help for the Enhanced Proofreading Interface.

Mentors' Page
A page detailing currently available mentor projects.

 Suggestions, Bugs, and Development

Task Center
Here you will find a list of feature requests and bugs. You may add tasks after searching to see that the issue isn't already there.

Development Process
Information and guidelines for developers.


DP Privacy Policy
The Distributed Proofreaders Privacy Policy that you saw when you first registered at this site.

 Creating and Managing Projects

Project Managers' FAQ
Information for new or aspiring Project Managers. (Project Managers are people who manage the progress of a particular project ("book") through this site.)

Content Providers' FAQ
Overview for people who want to contribute material to be proofread on this site.

Scanning FAQ
Basic information on scanners and how to use them, based on our experiences.

 Post-Processing and Verification

Post-Processing FAQ
Information for new and aspiring Post-Processors. (Post-Processors are people who do all the processing of a particular project after it has been proofread on this site (combining all the pages, making them consistent, fixing problems, and submitting it to Project Gutenberg).

Post-Processing Verification Guidelines
Information for Post-Processing Verifiers.

 DP Tools

DP Custom Proofreading Font
Sample and download the custom DP font.

 Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists for Users
Information about the email lists DP has available for users.

 Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg FAQ
The massive FAQ from our parent site, Project Gutenberg.


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